Keith Vaughan: Drawings for a Journal 1939-1965 : Exh. cat., London: Redfern Gallery, 1966


Very rare. This exhibition catalogue was printed for Vaughan’s hastily-put-together show at the Redfern Gallery (November 8-16), 1966, that launched the publication of his Journals and Drawings: 1939-1965. Printed in green, to match the book’s dust jacket, many of the illustrated drawings appear here for sale in the list of works.


Keith Vaughan, Journal, October 27, 1966:

To the Redfern this morning with the original drawings for the Journal where they are to be shown coinciding with publication date. Much enthusiasm & excitement about the whole idea which was only thought up yesterday. Christopher Isherwood walked in & I gave him a copy of the book, without relish, never having received anything from him, not even a letter. He is one of those people one takes for granted must be interesting because of his early reputation, & because one has enjoyed some of his books. But in fact I find him very unrewarding as a person. A manner of looking at you with raised eyebrows & an expression of boyish innocence & curiosity which in effect gives an impression of mild imbecility. His conversation is rarely witty or imaginative. (But neither is mine).