Keith Vaughan: Images of Man: Figurative Paintings 1946–1960: Exh. cat., London: Inner London Education Authority, 1981


Rare but occasionally available. Excellent catalogue of some rarely seen paintings. John Ball’s notes are enlightening and instructive. Essays by Bryan Robertson, Bernard Denvir and Hetty Einzig add to the book’s appeal. 35 illustrations (with full notes on each) in black and white and 1 in colour. An essential reference book for all Vaughan scholars and enthusiasts.


  • Format: Stapled Booklet
  • Pages: 52
  • Size: 19.6 x 21
  • Publisher: Inner London Education Authority


  • Preface: Jeffrey Daniels
  • Biography
  • Reflections on Keith Vaughan: Bryan Robertson
  • A Truth Does Exist, Keith Vaughan in Retrospect: Bernard Denver
  • A Figure in a Landscape, Keith Vaughan and the male Nude: Hetty Einzig
  • Catalogue and Notes
  • Exhibition List
  • Works in Public Collections
  • Select Bibliography