Visions & Recollections: Visions & Recollections: Keith Vaughan & Prunella Clough. Pagham Press, 2014

Gerard Hastings


Few copies left. Only a small print run made to accompany the exhibition held at the Menier Gallery, London in 2014, exploring the close friendship between the artists Prunella Clough and Keith Vaughan. Lavishly illustrated. The book draws on recollections of friends and associates, the artists’ private, unpublished letters and journals and includes an analytical essay which sheds new light on these two highly British artists. Fully illustrated throughout with over 180 colour and black and white, including documentary photographs and facsimile reproductions



  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 114
  • Size: 28.2 x 20.2
  • Publisher: Pagham Press


  • Preface: Frances Spalding
  • Recollections: Sir Peter Shaffer, A Visit to Keith’s Studio
  • Veronica Gosling: Keith and Pru
  • Peter Adam, A Short Anatomy of a Friendship
  • Gerard Hastings, Pru’
  • Essay: Gerard Hastings, Prunella Clough & Keith Vaughan
  • Extracts: Keith Vaughan’s Journals
  • Letters: Keith Vaughan: Letters to Prunella Clough
  • Diaries: Prunella Clough
  • Interview: Prunella Clough and Gerard Hastings, June 1982
  • Illustrations: Visions: Prunella Clough: Paintings, Drawings and Prints
  • Biography: Prunella Clough (complied by Gerard Hastings)
  • Illustrations: Visions: Keith Vaughan: Paintings, Drawings and Prints
  • Biography: Keith Vaughan (complied by Professor John Ball and Gerard Hastings)